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Relux & Relux (R&R) was established in the 80s and has involved in a wide range of high profile projects covering a multitude of prestige and top ranking 5 star luxury hotels, resorts, club houses, landscapes, recreation places, showrooms, office buildings, banks etc. The design team provides world class professional intelligent design consultancy services to our client worldwide that is highly appreciated by respective clients and has gained prominent fame in the field.

From Lighting to Audiovisual and Acoustics designs, Relux & Relux strength and advantages come from an experienced, professional, innovative and creative design team that is familiar with management, industry and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. With state of the art technology, cost effective, high stability, low maintenance, environment friendly and energy saving solution, Relux & Relux always delivers green buildings with ergonomics, intelligent, comfortable ambient working environment & living spaces.


Relux & Relux has an exceptional expertise in lighting design contributing to architectural intent, energy efficiency and luminous culture through a creation of superb luminous environment. We believe the joyous integration of light and architecture starts with natural light - the soft ambiance of daylight, the brilliance of sunlight, endless variations of color, direction and intensity. We create the power of light to shape inspiring, innovative and functional environments in which people can work, live and play.

Relux & Relux Lighting Design has always been striving for innovative design solutions adopting the latest in lighting design technology. We also balance practical thinking with maintenance, durability and investment to ensure that appropriate response for each and every client is achieved.

Our experience affords us the foundation to design unique solutions and bring added value to all of our clients' businesses. The ideals of professional lighting design are encapsulated in the very real and considered merging of art and science. By continuing these two fundamentals, architectural and exterior lighting design, in collaboration with principle designers such as architects, interior designers and landscape architects, the result is pleasing in both visual and emotional effect.

We participate from lighting concept to the final focusing at site by encompassing lighting master planning phase, schematic design phase, execution design phase, and supervision phase.

Audio Visual

In Relux & Relux, we are always aiming to make our client’s experience as pleasant as possible by bringing them the next generation of Audio and Visual technology that enhances their business. Our team is always looking for the best available technology in the market and delivers creative solutions that matches their needs. We work closely with the Architects, E&M engineers and Interior designers so that the systems are planned and built to specification.

We provide the following services:

Audio Visual System
A. Entertainment Stage Lighting System
B. Theater Systems and Planning
C. Integrated Networked Audio Visual & Multimedia System
D. Interactive Audio Visual & Collaboration System
E. Digital Signage
F. Central control, monitoring & user interface
G. Calibration, Testing & Commissioning of Audio Visual System


Relux & Relux is highly-experienced in acoustic design, with projects ranging from Commercial (Hotel, Office, Shopping Mall, Performing Centre), Residential (Condominium, Villa) to Public Place (Theatre, Sports Club, Education Centre, etc). Relux & Relux is committed to providing an excellent acoustic environment for people lives, work and entertainment. With full understanding and intelligent research of the whole building and environment, Relux & Relux will identify each potential acoustic issue and provide all designers with options for discussion and coordination. It can avoid loss of money and time caused by acoustic problems in the future. Relux & Relux is proud of making every effort to achieve ideal acoustic effect and providing reliable, time-efficient, cost-effective solutions.

We provide the following services:
A. Architectural Acoustics
B. Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control
C. Interior Acoustics
D. Performing Arts Acoustics
E. Environmental noise Assessments