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Phase 1 Schematic Design

From the understanding of the project intent, clients expectation, combined with local code, green building, LEED, acoustic design criteria are issued to the owner and project team. This will ensure that owner fully understand the design goal which should meet their needs.

Meanwhile, we are involved in the early stage of the space planning process and will highlight the potential acoustical issues to the owners and project team and to suggest the best possible options to go forward.

Provide field trips to the site to identify external potential sources of noise. Provide on-site environmental noise assessment report.

Phase 2 Design Development

Fully understanding the design intent of the architectural, electrical & mechanical, structural, interior, curtain wall, etc., we will advise and provide suggestions and including treatments which shall be integrated into their respective design.

We will communicate and coordinate with the design team until the requirements are fully understood and integrate the acoustic treatments to meet the design goal in the concept stage.

Phase 3 Tender Documentation

We will provide technical specifications and requirement for each of the specialized field such as architectural ,Electrical & Mechanical, structural, interior, curtain wall, etc., or special acoustical engineering.

We will assist the owner in evaluating the tender returns and provide professional advice.

Phase 4 Construction Supervision

Submission & Approval - Prior to the construction works and equipment procurement, we are responsible for approving the contractor’s material and drawing submissions.

Supervision - We will monitor the progress of the installation works and will make periodical site check on the quality of works by the contractor as to ensure it conforms to the design intent and achieve the best installation quality.

Phase 5 Testing & Commissioning

Acceptance test - We shall conduct and witness the system check from installation quality, functional and performance test as conducted by the contractor. Utilizing professional test instruments for measurement and generate datas for comparison and system calibration.

The system test will be concluded by a report which indicates the non-conformance items and rectification recommendation.