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Development and design of lighting fixtures

We compare and contrast between lighting fixtures manufacturers, research and select the finest fixtures to realize our extraordinary luminous effect. From a global point of view, we analyze and evaluate qualitatively other cutting-edge designs and technologies of lighting fixtures and absorb outstanding techniques we need.

Social Responsibility

R & R Lighting Design always strive to address the importance of lighting design in today's rapid developing society, and enhance the esteem of its profession.
We build up foundation for young and potential lighting planners and designers to develop their career in mainland China. We also hope to be the essential and imperative group with know-how for lighting.

Environmental Solution

By specifying advanced optical technological fixtures and intelligent control system design to provide lighting that can reduce unnecessary light pollution in building interiors & exteriors. We are making effort to benefit the environment by introducing a family of energy saving lighting fixtures and techniques that are energy-efficient and affordable. Moving forward we are on the edge of current technologies striving toward Green design and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. (LEEDS certified building design).

Design Process

Phase 1 Concept Design

Designing the lighting concept: We participate in architectural projects from the basic stages to the final concept in order to organize our ideas into a lighting planning that best expresses the project intent and the architectural concept.

1. Orientation for the project and building plans
2. Survey of the lighting environment at the project site
3. Case studies and inspection tour of the light environment
4. Conceptual drawings and models of light

Phase 2 Design Development

Basic lighting design: Concepts of lighting are translated into lighting effects to develop lighting techniques.

5. Models and simulations for detailed study.
6. Outline designs and schemes of the lighting techniques.
7. Outline layouts and performance specifications of the lighting fixtures.
8. Outline plans of control systems, operations and schedule.
9. Calculation of physical data such as design illuminance.
10. Outline cost estimations.

Phase 3 Production Design

Detailed lighting design: Various possibilities discussed during the preceding phases are further studied in details to investigate their feasibility.

11. Models for detailed study of the lighting effects.
12. Final layouts and performance specifications of the lighting fixtures.
13. Design drawing and draft layouts of special lighting fixtures.
14. Materials for cost estimation, and illuminance calculations.

Phase 4 Construction Supervision

Production of light: We are responsible for coordination and supervision of the construction work to confirm that the work is in accordance with the design plans.

15. Drawings prepared by manufacturers for production of the lighting fixtures are approved.
16. Quality tests of the lighting fixtures. On site execution inspection of the fixtures.
17. Examination of lighting effects at the site.
18. Final adjustment and focusing of the lighting immediately before completion.
19. Measurement and recording of reference design data.